5 Infallible E-mail Marketing Tips Every Start-up Needs

With digital advancement comes advancement in email marketing tools for great results in conversion rates

Email marketing is the old that remains trendy. Today, both new and old businesses stand a greater chance of increasing your blog traffic, using email marketing than ever before.

The presence and seeming dominance of social media makes email marketing look obsolete. It is a common assumption that people no longer read emails; nothing is further than the truth as a lot of people are addicted to their emails.

With digital advancement comes advancement in email marketing tools. The key is to understand what works and how it works.

According to Email Marketing Stats, [first name] emails with a  subject line are 26 per cent more likely to be opened while automated emails generate 320 per cent more revenue than non-automated emails. Email marketing works and would continue to work; below are five infallible email marketing tips your start-up needs.

1. Clarify your email marketing objectives

The first step to success in any field or pursuit is to set clear cut objectives. Even the best of business tools need to be aimed properly if they are to lead to any business accomplishment.

Email marketing can be adapted to meet a variety of business goals. Whether it is to keep your existing customers informed about progress on recurring inquiries, new offers, and updates on your business or just keeping in touch, email marketing works just fine.

It can also be adapted to nurture and convert new leads or all of the above. But the key to making the most of any business advertising tool is to clarify your objectives.

2. Create excellent email newsletters

An email newsletter allows you to send updates, news, tips, promotional offers and sales copies about your product to clients – existing and prospective. Usually sent at regular intervals, these newsletters help your business retain customers.

Not every visitor to your website or social media pages would stay. A couple of them might never even come across your business again, but if you can get them hooked on to your newsletter, you increase your chances of converting and retaining them.

Like every other business tool, creating an email newsletter requires a process flow. The logical first step is to select your preferred email marketing provider, build an email list, adjust some settings and start pushing out mails.

Set the ball rolling with a welcome message that speaks well of your business. The success of your entire email marketing is hinged on how effective your newsletters are.

3. Craft a compelling welcome message

First impressions might not be last impressions, but the experience from a first time can be the thing that converts a lead to not just a paying client but an unpaid brand ambassador.

‘Bury them as they arrive’ with your very compelling welcome message. Welcome messages have the highest average open rate, so you want to make it count.

However, people get into your mailing list, make sure you create a welcome experience for them. Hire a professional content creator if you need to do.

But make sure you are always leaving a lasting impression. This has the power to determine who unsubscribes from your list and who becomes eager to read every mail you send.

4. Display expertise focus on educating

Every reader is looking to learn. If not, why take the pain to read anything. Every reader expects to learn something new or be reminded of something they already know in a way that makes it an experience.

There are a lot of things competing for your clients’ time and attention. If they open your mail, it is because they want to hear what you have to say.

What you have to say has to be both relevant and educating. Reading is for learning. Don’t make every mail sent solely about your product or service. If you teach them long enough, they will volunteer their school fees.

Compose your words carefully. You want to showcase your business as an authority in your chosen industry. Understand the problem you are trying to solve and always communicate your solution in the best way possible.

The chances are that some people don’t know what they want until someone tells. Make your emails educational, whether you are selling or not. When people know what your product or service does, it helps them figure out how your product helps them and in what quantity.

5. Be responsive and offer discounts

Everyone loves a giveaway; discounts inspire sales.

You must understand just how important your email marketing effort is. You must run it as a fully functional business process.

Every client inquiry and request must be attended to and promptly so.

Don’t wait for your clients to request for a discount before you give one. Treat your online customers as well as you would treat your physical clients. Such giveaways and discounts must be well planned and executed.

Email marketing remains a viable marketing option, with these tips in mind you are better positioned to succeed at it whether you are an old business or starting your business.