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nfinitiv is a management consulting firm that provides insights, initiatives and long-term expertise to start-ups and scale-ups to help accelerate growth and scale, both nationally and internationally. Our team comprises many who've been on the front-line of start-ups and are dedicated to help you unlock your potential.

nfinitiv challenges the traditional norms of management consulting, providing quality advisory talent that delivers results by providing high-quality fact-based and analytically rigorous consultancy services to all start-ups at a value for money price point

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To become a trusted and valued brand in management & business consulting for Start-ups & Scale-ups

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Our Mission Statements

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nfinitiv is dedicated to helping start-ups and scale-ups transform their ideas into a solid and sustainable business.

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nfinitiv is reshaping the management consulting sector by making quality advisory talent accessible at a value for money price point to start-ups and scale-ups.

Our Values


We drive our business with passion – we treat our start-ups’ goals as if they were our own and are always looking for new ways to help.


We aim to be a game-changing partner providing valuable skill sets for our start-ups – with complete integrity.


We believe healthy relationships start with respect – we appreciate every opportunity to work with our clients, and value the ideas, opinions and ideals of the people.


We build partnerships with our start-ups based on trust – we believe in independent thinking, straight talk and loyalty to one another.


We bring intelligent, flexible cooperation to your start-up along with absolute transparency – an essential prerequisite for collaboration and collective decision-making.


We provide world‐class service to our start-ups – we challenge ourselves to be responsive and innovative and go above and beyond to help others.

why us?

Fresh Insights

Insight definition takes work; it’s a skill that requires creativity, persistence and deep thinking to craft.

Proven Track Record

'Been there, done that' - We want to now share the knowledge and experiance!


We invest in people by empowering them in their journey to success.

Lean Approach

Working with an agile methodology means being transparent and iterative.

Customer Centric

Expertise in promoting key customer interface areas for improvement, gaining an edge on competitors.

Access to Advisors

Timely access to key resources, advice, and knowledge is essential for entrepreneurs to succeed with our senior mentors.

About Us

Our team of experts

At nfinitiv, we rely on the quality of our advisors. Our team compromise of industry experts who have demonstrated outstanding skills and knowledge in their field of expertise. They have been on the front-line of start-ups In that sense, they immediately understand the challenges and opportunities and provide real added value based on this expertise and experience.

We have a carefully selected team of experienced advisors that bring together a rich and diverse set of skills in their respective fields to ensure continuity and success.


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