Business Plan

Professionally Prepared

nfinitiv Venture Building Team for Startups take the time to get to know our clients, to effectively develop a Startup business plan which will meet your needs. Whether you are in the early stage of your business or expanding your brand to a new market, our team of business plan writers and investors will work to ensure you are in position to succeed.

The VC Package is specifically tailored for businesses seeking investments from venture capitalists. The VC Package includes thorough industry research, full target market analysis, professionally prepared 5-year financial projections every investor seeks, a strategic marketing plan, SWOT analysis, exit strategy, and other investor-related information.

The package serves as a complete blueprint for entrepreneurs and business owners to help guide their businesses during early development stages, including understanding the target market, industry trends and patterns, competitors, and sales goals. Additionally, existing businesses will discover new opportunities and ideas, potential areas of improvement and expansion, and new marketing techniques.

We will create an investor ready business.

What is included

40-50+ Page Comprehensive Business Plan

Complete Industry & Market Research Analysis

Comprehensive 3-5-Year Financial Projections

SWOT Analysis

Exit Strategy

Strategic Marketing Plan

Detailed Target Market Analysis

Unlimited Consultations

30 Days of Unlimited Revisions

Designed & Delivered

Startup Business Plan Development Method

We work closely with you to understand your goals and vision, and then help you develop your entire business plan.

We don’t start with a “template” business plan format — each plan is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each Startup.

We don’t just “write a business plan.” We question assumptions, perform independent research on the market and competition, and explore and propose alternative ways to market your product or service.

Business planning is not a linear process. By the time we are done, the original business model may have been revised two or three times.

Our Process


3rd Stage

2nd Stage

1st Stage

1st Stage

2nd Stage

3rd Stage


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