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Dhruv Mahta – Co-Founder – – Podcasts by nfinitiv

Aument is developing a solution for the increasing pressures on Primary Care healthcare resources across Europe which are negatively impacting patient outcomes…..

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Phil – Venture Capitalist at Micromobility Ventures – Podcasts by nfinitiv

The micromobility revolution, motivated by a rapidly changing world, has started. Micromobility is unbundling the automobile, and liberating resources. These resources will yield countless market opportunities, and create economic incentives that make mobility universally available, accessible, and affordable.

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Tanya – Founder & CEO – Native Spaces – Podcasts by nfinitiv

Tanya is a strategist, and have been helping business leaders around the globe solve key challenges. She created Native Spaces to make the events industry more efficient and transparent by facilitating the discovery and booking of unique underutilised spaces worldwide.

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