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Dawood – handcrafted eye wear – Co-Founder Ahmet Ertem – Podcasts by nfinitiv


Damir Bajraktarevic is a marketing management graduate and a professional guitar player. His love for wood crafting comes from his love towards guitars. His passion and devotion for wood is best described with the fact that even though he is severely allergic to one type of wood, he continues to expose himself working long hours in his workshop. Ahmet Ertem is Film&Tv Studies graduate. For years he professionally worked in his branch as a post production advisor and director. One day he saw Damir’s work and was really moved by Damir’s passion towards wooden hand crafting. They became good friends and decided to become partners. Dawood Wooden Eyewear Company has started its journey back in 2014. It all started with Damir Bajraktarevic and his passionate approach towards wood crafting. In his small workshop, he started experimenting with making wooden accessories. During this process he got attracted to the idea of making wooden sunglasses.
Dawood manufactures which, unlike in most of the mass productions, uses only air dried, precious solid wood to make small quantities of the best quality wooden frames. Both domestic and exotic wood types are used to create premium wooden glasses. In time his vision expanded and with the support of his partner Ahmet Ertem they developed the wooden eyewear craftsmanship with unique, new and eclectic approach, designing new models combining different types of high quality wood with different materials, thus making new frames lighter, more durable and very comfortable.
Dawood Wooden Eyewear Company is producing hand made high quality, sustainable and fashionable eyewear. Their main goal is to satisfy the needs of the customers providing quality, custom made, one of a kind eyewear.
Ahmet Ertem
Co-Founder – Dawood Eye Wear

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