Venture Capital Funding for Startups and Scaleups

nfinitiv is challenging the traditional norms of Venture Capital Funding for Startups & Scaleups to reshape the industry. With our panel of experienced investors, nfinitiv is reshaping the venture capital industry by make it accessible to Startups at all stages. Our team compromise of industry experts who have demonstrated outstanding skills and knowledge in their field of expertise. They have been on the front-line of Startups. In that sense, they immediately understand the challenges and opportunities and provide real added value based on this expertise and experience. nfinitiv funding invest directly or jointly with other successful funds. We invest at all stage of technology-based Startups!

We’re reshaping the Venture Capital
industry by making it accessible for
Start-ups, Scale-ups & Beyond.


Why nfinitiv Funding

1. More than just money

We do a whole lot more than just invest. We understand that capital itself is not enough, we have carefully selected services and solutions to help your start-up grow. As an example, the business knowledge and deep industry ‘know-how’ brought by our mentors and investors.

2. Tailor made program

Investor readiness, that’s our promise! Experienced experts and mentors will assist you with pitch preparation, financial plans, looking for venture capital, building out a team, and more.

3. Proven Success

nfinitiv’s variety of services and solutions means your tailormade plan is shaped by our experience with thousands of hours dedicated to start-ups, hundreds of hours dedicated to streamlining your start-up idea to a viable business, thousands of hours in dedication to scale your business nationally or internationality and countless hours of preparation for investor readiness.

4. Target Networking

Contemporary network is essentially networking with a purpose. However, to make your networking more effective, you need to have a focus. We already have an extensive and established network spanning corporate, Startups, knowledge specialists and technological experts. We can introduce you to our targeted network.

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