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Ozan Gozbasi – Co-Founder & CEO of Optiyol – Podcasts for Startups (in Turkish)


(This Podcasts in Turkish)

Ozan Gozbasi (Optiyol’un kurucu ortağı ve CEO’su), eski büyük rota optimizasyon çözümlerinin son kilometre operasyonlarının ölçeğini ve karmaşıklığını ele alma yeteneğinden yoksun olduğunu birkaç büyük şirketten duyduktan sonra nasıl yeni nesil bir rota optimizasyon çözümü oluşturmaya karar verdiklerini anlatıyor. Optiyol, filolara maliyetleri azaltan ve zamanında performansı artıran daha akıllı rota tarifeleri için yardımcı olur.
Ozan Gozbasi (Co-founder and CEO of Optiyol) talks about how they decided to build a new generation route optimization solution after hearing from several big companies that legacy route optimization solutions lack the ability to handle the scale and complexity of last-mile operations. Optiyol helps fleets for smarter route schedules that reduce costs and improve on-time performance.

Optiyol provides optimization solutions for transportation planning decisions at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Optiyol has helped multinational FMCG brands including Unilever, Philip Morris and Ferrero in Supply Network Design, Long-Haul Transportation Planning, Dynamic Delivery Route Optimization and Salesforce Visit Scheduling problems. Our solutions were proven to provide savings in transportation costs at 15-25% range, reduce rental/ownership costs for trucks by 5-10% while improving on-time visits. Our strong team holds Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and post-doc work experience in building large-scale optimization solutions in the United States, Australia and Turkey. Optiyol is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with R&D offices in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.



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Special thanks to Ms. Aybike for holding this podcasts in Turkish. 


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