Pitch Deck Templates Won’t Get You Funding

Pitch Deck Templates Won’t Get You Funding. Here’s What You Can Do!

When you are fundraising, most founders start by creating a pitch deck. Investors see countless versions of these pitch decks every day. In a recent study conducted, an investor spends an average of 3 minutes, 44 seconds on your deck. On average, nfinitiv Venture Capital receives around 20 Pitch Decks a day. Pitch Deck Templates only wont’ get you funding! Learn from us how to improve your deck! Pitch Deck Templates Won’t Get You Funding.

Every single one of these startups are unique. Yet most of their decks look and sound the same. They are missing the essentials of what is required in a pitch deck.

With titles like ‘The Problem’, ‘The Opportunity’, ‘Market Size’ and “Team”, these decks aren’t differentiated. Even the charts look similar from deck to deck. 

Why do these Pitch Decks look the same?

They followed the popular standard pitch deck format. We don’t blame founders for these common mistakes. Do a quick search for “pitch deck templates” and you’ll see tons of decks from famous companies who successfully raised money years ago. 

But that was back in 2011! 

Recently, pitch deck related keywords have been increasing in popularity on Google. 

A lot has changed since then. It’s now easier than ever to build a product and get early traction. Investors get bombarded with endless options of early-stage Pitch Decks to sift through on a regular basis.

What hasn’t changed is that today’s investors still want to invest in great businesses and the teams behind them. 

Investors who invest in startups are in it for the long haul, they aren’t putting in money so they can take it out in a few months or a year. They are investing in a company’s potential because they believe in its future growth. 

The pitch deck is your chance!

To explain why your business will grow and succeed in the future. It’s your chance to stand out above the rest and communicate that what you’ve created today will have exceeded in value tomorrow. 

Pitch deck templates can be a great starting point, but more is needed to truly stand out above the rest. A template labels you as generic! It does not entice the investor to know more about what you have to offer. It becomes another one in the pile.  The best pitches aren’t based on pitch deck templates. Instead they are designed to share your story and future growth potential in a genuine way. This storytelling approach helps you pitch with more confidence. Since what you’re doing is sharing your own unique story with investors. 

We have helped hundreds of startups improve their pitch deck and get them funded. We launched Pitch Deck Analysis in late 2019 for this purpose, to help startups. At Pitch Deck Analysis we will help you improve slides in your existing deck. Or build a complete deck from the ground up; arming you with a powerful presentation that is investor ready and unique!

Three Products for Startups

We launched three products to improve their pitch decks: 

  • Let’s Appraise – We will provide you with an honest Investors appraisal of your pitch deck by analyzing twelve key factors and providing actionable insights. 
  • Let’s Strategize – We will evaluate your pitch deck slide-by-slide by educating, strategizing and analyzing the content. This includes a detailed scorecard, 1x Podcasts and AWS add-on’s.
  • Let’s Build– Why do it yourself when you can get an Investor to do it for you? We’ll help you craft a compelling story about your business. We will schedule strategy sessions, create a brand-new Investor friendly Pitch Deck, provide Let’s Strategize services and offer you 2x free podcasts for exposure. AWS offer is also included in the package.

Nothing is automated or analysed with AI! We are working with real-life experts. Get the most effective results from your pitch deck presentation! Contact us by visiting our website and let’s start the journey together with an investor to help you get funded!  Pitch Deck Templates Won’t Get You Funding

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