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Let’s Appraise

Appraisal of your pitch deck

Investor Scorecard

Provide actionable insights

100% Complimentary

Let's Strategize

Approx. 60min 1-to-1 call

Slide-by-Slide Analysis

Detailed report – investor ready

Next step suggestions

And much more

Let's Build

Everything you see on Let's Strategize 'plus'

One-on-One Collaboration with an investor

Pitch Perfect - investor readiness!

2 x Free podcasts on

Presented to investment committee

And much more

Nothing is automated or analysed with
AI. We are working with real-life experts.

3-5 minutes

On average, an Investor spends only 3 – 5 min looking at a Pitch Deck. Make it count.


The average venture capital investor is pitched over 3,000 times a year. The big firms get in-and-around 5,000

Failure rate

About 90% of startups fail. 10% of startups fail within the first year.

We are Venture Capital Investors who have helped build over 2000 Startups. Learn how to customize your pitch deck with clear and concise content that raises the interest level of those it's being presented to.


Frequently Asked Questions

You know your Startup. We know what is required to get you funded.


In short, Yes! Your pitch deck should be able to stand out on its own, without your presentation.

  1. Your idea may be great, but you should know how to communicate it.
  2. You may have a “A” idea and a “B” team, let Pitch Deck team portray both on par
  3. You will be able to practise your investment pitch with us
  4. We offer affordable pricing packages

We adapt our services to any kind of start-ups. Do you not know how to communicate your ideas? Is creating your pitch deck too time consuming? Do you have some difficulty convincing investors?

Depending on your needs we have three (3) offers for you: 3 packages each designed specifically to your businesses requirements.

Investors tend to spend 3 to 5 minutes reading a pitch deck. Each slide needs to be impactful and should send the right message. Analysing a pitch deck and getting the best of it will help you solving the challenges you are facing.

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