Ozan Gozbasi – Co-Founder & CEO of Optiyol – Podcasts for Startups (in Turkish)

Optiyol provides optimization solutions for transportation planning decisions at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Optiyol has helped multinational FMCG brands including Unilever, Philip Morris and Ferrero in Supply Network Design,

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Salman Moghimi – CEO & Founder of Peyk – Podcasts for Startups

Listen in to Salman Moghimi, CEO & Founder of Peyk on his vision to leave an impact on the way people think about deliveries. It all started when a gap was found in the market for deliveries across London. Salman decided to start Peyk and the rest history.

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Sebastian Starzynski – CEO of TakeTask – Podcasts for Startups

Listen in to hear how Sebastian Starzynski, CEO of TakeTask has created a system to manage tasks when you have a geographically dispersed labour force or freelance partners working for you. You can communicate with them via the mobile application. Complex tasks can be preceded by in-app training.

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Mikko Pirinen – CEO & Founder of Zapflow – Podcasts for Startups

Zapflow’s story started when CEO and Founder Mikko Pirinen ran the M&A and CVC departments of a telecommunications firm with 80+ transactions under its belt. In his role, Mikko and his team experienced first-hand the pain of managing large amounts of data using Excel, rather than a purpose-built tool for investing workflows.

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Zied Tayeb – CEO & Founder of MyelinS | Podcast for Startups

Zied Tayeb (CEO & founder of MyelinS) is a researcher on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and neuroprosthetics at the Technical University of Munich. The co-founders worked with Zied Tayeb in different projects before starting MyelinS. (speaking from Earth!)

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