Brennan McEachran
Brennan McEachran – CEO & Co-Founder of – Podcasts by nfinitiv

SoapBox: Designed for managers ❤️ by teams. Powering 1:1s and team meetings for over 30,000 managers worldwide. Listen to the podcasts where Brennan McEachran talks more about SoapBox…

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Waleed Khawaja
Waleed Khawaja – Founder of Zajil – Podcasts for Startups

Discussion on how Zajil works on the integration of tech and jewelry that is not utilitarian but focuses on the sentimental value of the human experience, using jewelry as a reservoir of the most important messages/moments of our lives.

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Carlos Eduardo Morais - Executive Director - Nimest Tech - podcasts by nfinitiv
Carlos Eduardo Morais – Executive Director – Nimest Tech – podcasts by nfinitiv

Nimest aims to bring the world closer , and erase time differences. Using an app available in your cellphone, the traveler will be able to talk and interact with historical characters

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Dawood - handcrafted eye wear - Co-Founder Ahmet Ertem - Podcasts by nfinitiv
Dawood – handcrafted eye wear – Co-Founder Ahmet Ertem – Podcasts by nfinitiv

Dawood manufactures which, unlike in most of the mass productions, uses only air dried, precious solid wood to make small quantities of the best quality wooden frames…

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Dhruv Mahta - Co-Founder - - Podcasts by nfinitiv
Dhruv Mahta – Co-Founder – – Podcasts by nfinitiv

Aument is developing a solution for the increasing pressures on Primary Care healthcare resources across Europe which are negatively impacting patient outcomes…..

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