Let’s Build


There is no such thing as a “perfect” pitch deck as they always need to be tweaked and amended for the audience it’s being presented to. There is no “one size fits all”. With nfinitiv we can help you deliver your pitch deck as close to perfect as possible.

We will help you improve slides in your existing deck or build a complete deck from the ground up, arming you with a powerful presentation that is investor ready! pitch deck for startups!


Why do it yourself when you can get an Investor to do it for you? We’ll help you craft a compelling story about your business. We will schedule strategy sessions, create a brand new Investor friendly Pitch Deck, provide Let’s Strategize services and offer you 2x free podcasts for exposure. AWS offer is also included.

This package includes
  • Let’s Strategize ‘plus’ Everything from Let’s Strategize based upon the revised Pitch Deck.

  • One-on-One Collaboration with an investor – Direct communication between you and an experienced, Venture-funded entrepreneur to craft the story of your company.
  • Pitch Perfect – We do it for you! Our team of talented Investors with expertise across multiple industries will work on building a brand new Investor ready Pitch Deck that powerfully communicates your business idea.
  • Impactful Design – There’s nothing worse than a presentation that’s doesn’t make a point. We will create a deck that gives clarity and a clear, presentable, end product.
  • Stunning Graphics –   Translate all your stories into easy–to–understand visuals with thousands of charts, diagrams, shapes, and icons that are designed to perfection.
  • Funding – Presented to investment committee for funding (Direct communication with investment Analyst).

Startup Pitch Decks by nfinitiv Investor Readiness.