Sergey Markov – CEO – RemitRadar



Sergey Markov – RemitRadar – CEO

Former diplomat turned entrepreneur, lover of new technologies and music, founder of several companies and an orchestra, with experience in a national inwards investment agency and a Grammy award as executive producer.

In this podcast, you are going to find out more about RemitRadar.

RemitRadar is a money transfer marketplace aggregating major money transfer systems to provide consumers with a “​ one stop “​ money transfer and bill payment solution.

RemitRadars executive team has both intimate knowledge and expertise in the money transfers and related payments market; Current relationships include Money Transfer companies ,retail agent networks ,regulated financial institutions (banks, Post Offices) & government authorities (National banks, Central Bank, Finance ministries etc.).

The world’s first online and cash money transfer marketplace/ecosystem.

#remittance #moneytransfer #fintech #insurtech


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Podcasts for Startups

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