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Our Services


We have strategic solutions built for start-ups as they reach each phase of a business life-cycle.

Which phase are you in? Find out how we can help you today.

Pitch Deck Analysis

There is no such thing as a “perfect” pitch deck as they always need to be tweaked and amended for the audience it’s being presented to. There is no "one size fits all". With nfinitiv we can help you deliver your pitch deck as close to perfect as possible

Idea & Launch Stage

Starting a new business requires extensive planning and preparation. Many new start-ups fail, simply because they don’t have the resources, infrastructure, or expertise to ensure all the pillars to success are upheld.

Growth Stage

Growing your business involves managing the complexity of, not only sales, but your organizational structure, processes, and resources. You will be faced with challenges attempting to align your resources and current strategies.

Expansion Stage

Your organization offers a valuable product or service in the marketplace, and you have been able to reach a growth platform. It’s time to complete the planning to ensure the successful extension of your offering to new markets and verticals.

Maturity Solutions

Your business has expanded, and you are reaching the height of your success in your market. As an Owner or Senior Operator, it’s only natural for you to begin to consider “what’s next” for your business.

Transition Solution

This could be the opportunity to cash out on all your effort and years of hard work, or it can mean shutting down the business. No matter what your decision may be, there are critically important steps you must take to ensure you optimize the value of your business.


With our panel of experienced investors nfinitiv is reshaping the venture capital industry by make it accessible to you. Our team compromise of industry experts who have demonstrated outstanding skills and knowledge in their field of expertise

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nfinitiv is a management consulting firm that provides insights, initiatives and long-term expertise to start-ups and scale-ups to help accelerate growth and scale, both nationally and internationally. Our team comprises many who've been on the front-line of start-ups and are dedicated to help you unlock your potential.

nfinitiv challenges the traditional norms of management consulting, providing quality advisory talent that delivers results by providing high-quality fact-based and analytically rigorous consultancy services to all start-ups at a value for money price point

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