Venture Building

Why nfinitiv Venture Building

1. Pitch Decks

There is no such thing as a “perfect” pitch deck as they always need to be tweaked and amended for the audience it’s being presented to. There is no “one size fits all”. With nfinitiv we can help you deliver your pitch deck as close to perfect as possible.

We will help you improve slides in your existing deck or build a complete deck from the ground up, arming you with a powerful presentation that is investor ready!

2. Business Plan

nfiniv has a unique and noteworthy model in creating a Business Plan that separates us from the rest in Business Advisory. The key to gain an investors attention is understanding what they look for in a company to fund. Partnering with nfinitiv assures that you are on the same playing field. An in-house investor will create your Business Plan with the perspective necessary to elevate, gain curiosity and consideration from forthcoming investors.

3. Financial Plans

With a properly constructed and tactical financial plan, you can assess the early development of your business cash flow, finances, and projected growth. Providing careful monitoring in all aspects of sales income, expenditures, profit, and loss to be forecasted respectively is examined and defined. Investors need to see the company can provide an ROI (Return of Investment)

4. Startup Valuations

Having your startup valuated is a vital component to your business portfolio. It is a keystone that investors use when establishing the amount of equity in exchange for funding. The credibility of your startup may be in jeopardy without this crucial piece included when presenting to investors.

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