What is a Pitch Deck? or Investor Deck? or Startup Deck

What is a Pitch Deck?

What is a Pitch Deck? or Investor Deck? or Startup Deck.

A pitch deck is known as an investor pitch deck; or a startup pitch deck, is a business overview used to raise capital.

In short a pitch deck is usually presented as a series of slides on a projection screen or a PowerPoint, accompanies a verbal presentation. So now since you know the one liner of; What is a Pitch Deck?

In Summary Pitch decks are best for face-to-face or video call meetings. Hence the audience can see your slides while listening to your presentation. Furthermore the slides allow you to show your ideas to people outside of your company and hopefully instill an interest that will lead to an investment. For the most part great pitch deck looks professional, makes a strong first impression and is creative and well-researched.

Here are some tried-and-true structure to remember, as you learn how to make a pitch presentation:

1. Grab your audience’s attention.

It’s not always easy! Firstly you have got to find a way to establish attention and excitement. Tell them a story of an existing customer and the problem you solved. This sets the tone for all future points.

2. Describe the problem.

What problem does your company solve? In this case pitching PowerPoint presentations are all about showing that you’ve found a problem that needs your help.

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3. Explain the market.

Particularly how widespread is the problem you seek to solve? For the most part Investors need to understand the “Total Addressable Market,” or the potential number of customers you might seek to serve. for instance if your referring about customers, describe your ideal customer, (demographics, age, gender) and especially dont forget their CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs).

4. Describe the solution.

For instance; whether it’s an app; or a storefront; or new product! Generally for the most part of your presentation should focus on your solution. For the most part it helps investors imagine throwing support at your company and being a part of the growth story.

5. Make an ask.

In addition to, if it is solely for funding or a recruiting pitch for new teammates. As a result of pitch presentations in asking for the support you need to grow.

As a result of following each of these key steps might include multiple slides to drive the point home. It’s crucial to follow these principles so that your pitch doesn’t wander through multiple ideas and steps.

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What to include in a pitch deck

Usually a great pitch deck tells an engaging story and answers all possible questions an investor may have about the business or product. Furthermore in addition to the above, ensure to include the following information and elements in your pitch deck:

Slide 1: The overview

So as to start by clearly and concisely stating what your business or product does. Include an image or your company’s logo. Use blank space on the slide draw attention to your statement.

Slide 2: The problem

With this intention then describe an issue you see in your industry or market. Coupled with explaining how you found the problem using facts if possible. For most parts keep the writing concise and use your verbal presentation to fully explain the issue in the market in summary.

Slide 3: The opportunity

All things considered it is important to utilize data to demonstrate that there is a need for a solution to this problem. Thereby create a chart or graph that helps illustrate the need for your product for the most part..

Slide 4: The solution

Share competitors’ products or hypothetical solutions that could solve the problem.

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Slide 5: The product

Demonstrate how your solution is better than anything else on the current market. Be confident and clear in your explanation.

Slide 6: The business model

Show that you have researched every aspect of your business. Share charts and graphs demonstrating how your business will perform based on data.

Slide 7: The competition

Discuss what your competitors are doing. Show examples of their products or services. Point out flaws or missed opportunities.

Slide 8: The value

Explain why you will do better in the marketplace than your competitors. Use data and research to support your reasoning.

Slide 9: The marketing plan

Share a clear and specific plan for marketing your product. Include projections for how you expect your marketing to impact sales.

Slide 10: The team

Provide biographies for the members of your team. Share their accomplishments and explain how they will add to the value of the business.

Slide 11: The financials

Discuss how much capital you need to reach your goals. Share what capital you have already raised. Project what sort of return possible investors can expect should they choose to contribute.

What is a Pitch Deck? or Investor Deck? or Startup Deck

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

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