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Zied Tayeb – CEO & Founder of MyelinS | Podcast for Startups




Zied Tayeb (CEO & founder of MyelinS) is a researcher on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and neuroprosthetics at the Technical University of Munich. The co-founders worked with Zied Tayeb in different projects before starting MyelinS. They first developed an open-source software “Gumpy” for BCI.

Intriguingly, this software technology has gained momentum and popularity since its unveil and many researchers worldwide are using it.
After they met Dr. Sabri Mekaoui, he quickly recognized the tremendous potential of such innovation to be used for space exploration and he advised the team to investigate this direction.

Inspired by this idea, the team has been working alongside for more than a year on reshaping the idea and the innovation towards cutting-edge solutions for space robotics and they developed the beta version of the software “MyBrain.

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Awards: TOP 10 NASA most innovative ideas in the world in the (aero)space field for 2019.

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